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Blog 10/07/2019

How to prepare for an interview

It’s completely normal to feel anxious about an interview, but ultimately, they’re looking for calm, confident and collected. In the run up to the big day, it seems everyone knows best when it comes to “interview etiquette”.  As a recruitment agency, we know the ins and outs of interviews. What works, what doesn’t, what to expect and how to handle challenging questions. Generally, more and more job opportunities are arising meaning more interviews are being conducted- so what should you do to prepare?


Be yourself 

First things’ first, be yourself. This is crucial as the interviewer needs to meet you and get an idea of whether you would make a good addition to the team. If you are not yourself the interviewer will get a sense of the person you are portraying and not the person you are. A company is partly defined by its employees, so when you go to that interview they want to see what you can bring. Your personality, and that unique spark that sets you apart from other candidates.


Practise, practise, practise

Practising is a key part of everyday life, we do this to do well when preforming a task, and perhaps improve on a certain activity. When you carry out these ritualistic activities, you tend to feel more confident and relaxed. In the case of interviews, rehearsing and preparing what you’re going to say, and answers for questions is a given. Once you’re confident in what you’re saying, all there is to do is show off your personality.

Our Top Tips:

·         Complete focus on the task

·         Don’t rush, slow and steady wins the race!

·         Be realistic whilst practising, and try not to overwhelm yourself

·         Set yourself targets



Be prepared for any type of question you could be asked from your interviewer. This could include key questions such as “can you tell me about yourself?” or “why should we hire you/set you to the task?” even though the questions seem straightforward, upon answering them can be challenging So, what could you do to make answering them easier?                   

·         Be honest in your answers

·         Show your passion for the job

·         Focus on key points

·         Give details that are effective

·         Take opportunities to show how important you think the job/ task is to you

·         Don’t be scared to say what you think

·          Show them that you would be the right candidate for this job/task

·         Stay focused

Remember to ask. Anything you want to know? Ask. This will give you an opportunity to show the interviewer you’re keen and interested in the task/job.


Preparation the night before 

We’ve heard it all before, “preparation is key!”. But it’s true. Leaving things to the last minute will most likely leave you even more stressed! These may include: your outfit for the interview, a bag for your things you may need, plan your journey e.g. transport, the route you will be taking, times of journeying or arrival. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep so that you can function efficiently the next day and this allows you to make a great first impression. Print off everything you might need for the interview. Make sure you’re organised. And finally- prepare yourself for any situation.



Expectations and first impressions are important as people may base part of their decision on this and their opinion. It will be important for you to attempt to meet these. Your interviewers’ expectations could include:

·         Arriving on time- preferably a few minutes early to ensure you are organised.

·         Arrive prepared and ready

·         Dressed appropriately



·         Research- whether it’s background of the business/ job or even a task but you want to try and extend your knowledge as this may give you an advantage.

·         Clarify- make sure you have reasons behind your points.

·         Prepare for any type of question or point.

·         Make a good first impression.

·         Take notepad and pen for notetaking in case.

·         Be realistic


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