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Conrad Finance is pleased to offer a knowledge based and honest approach to our whole recruitment process. We will act as true consultants whose aim is to be a valuable resource to our clients. Our consultants’ expert knowledge of their sectors, coupled with their ability to source the highest quality candidates on the market, gives us a strong advantage over our competitors who may take a more generalist approach.

Whether you’re a client or a candidate, Conrad Finance is committed to providing a comprehensive selection of recruitment services covering permanent, temporary and contract appointments across a wide selection of industry sectors. 

Although Conrad Finance has only been recognised as an independent division since October 2018, we have been providing services consistently to select Conrad Consulting clients since July 2017, and earlier.

Our pro-active approach to recruitment has proved to be very successful across our wider group of companies. We view ourselves as an extension to your business, which enables us to anticipate future recruitment requirements in advance. This, in turn, means we have an evolving selection of candidates with the right skills and experience, as well as being able to provide first class opportunities with key clients and their organisations.

We also work hard to ensure our candidates are given every opportunity in the development of their careers. Today’s candidates are the clients of tomorrow! Making sure both parties' interests are given equal treatment is an absolute priority!

Finally, we take the time to really listen to what our Clients and Candidates say.  We are always open and honest and provide a completely transparent service.

A comment from a candidate...

I've been on the hunt for a new role for a little under three months now and in that time I've talked to and worked with more recruiters than I can count. I've lost track of the number of times I've been messed around, delayed, given excuses and even had recruiters go completely silent on me without explanation and after some initially very promising discussions.

Then comes my application via Conrad Finance and my experience with them has been leagues ahead of anyone else I've dealt with.

I had a call from Stuart first thing the morning after submitting my application and it was such a breath of fresh air. Stuart was direct, honest and friendly right off the bat and when he had me booked in for a face to face interview within a few hours of our initial discussion he proved Conrad Finance are efficient as well!

It was only a few days between speaking to Stuart and having my interview and throughout the whole process Stuart kept in touch, made sure I was prepped and was an invaluable source of advice.

After my interview Stuart was in touch within the hour to see how I felt about it and within 2 hours he had spoken to my interviewers and passed on their initial feedback, again showcasing his efficiency! Better yet, by the end of the day he had an offer of employment for me with a salary package that actually exceeded what I'd asked for!

All in all, my experience with Conrad Finance has been brief in the best possible way. In the months I'd been job hunting and of all the recruiters I'd worked with Stuart sits right there at the top. The entire experience was faultless and as a candidate it was refreshing to work with someone who had faith in me as a candidate, rather than just treating me as a potential commission payment. I can't recommend Conrad Finance and Stuart highly enough!
Aleck Yorkston-Dives - Service Desk Executive

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